Student Visa ( up to Grade 12 )

To study in Primary, Secondary and High School the international students have to have the study permit.

If the students are categorized under the age of 18, they need to have a guardian in order to be able to stay and study in Canada.

In this way, there are some institutions where you can find Home Stay services and they accept all responsibilities to protect students. In Home Stay system, the families who are interested to serve the foreign students are being qualified by the government and become eligible to take care of one or more students.The international students will Iive with these families as a family member at home.

The requirements and conditions to Study :

  •  An admission from any Canadian School
  •   The proof of parental financial ability to afford any expenses such as daily life expenditures, tuition fee and books
  • To convince the immigration department to leave the country once he/she finished the school
  • Parental consent who are not accompanying the child in Canada
  • To have guardian in Canada

Meanwhile, the parents can apply for the visitor visa to accompany their child when enters Canada and occasionally be with him/her during the education period.