Student Visa ( after Grade 12 )

One of the main reasons that the youngsters are attracted to study in Canada is the fact that based on the federal and provincial immigration programs , students who graduate from Canadian universities are absorbed to the workforce in Canada.

So based on the new programs and mandates in the scoring system for the immigrants, the ones who have studied in Canada and then started working, are given higher scores in order for them to be able to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

Therefore, for the majority of immigration applicants to Canada, studying in post secondary institutions, is the only alternative option available.

Other benefits of studying in Canadian institution are:

1-  Part time work permit for the students who are studying

2-  Full time work after graduation for a maximum of 3 years

3-  Full time work permit for the students’ spouse while studying

4-  Free education for the students’ children up to grade 12

How to Study in Canada

• Obtain student admission from an educational institution such as a college or a university

• Prove that you can afford to pay your own expenses like tuition fee, books, accommodation and living, as well as the cost of returning to your home country for yourself and all family members who are living with you

• Show that there is no criminal record that does pose a threat to Canada’s security.

• Provide the physical and mental health record and and do any medical examination if necessary

• Convince the immigration department that you and all family members would return to your home country once you finish your studies

Required Documentations

In addition to filling the relevant forms, there are some more  required documents which must be submitted with the application.

The list is as below :

• Payment of processing fee and biometric

• Copy of any passport or valid travel documents showing the following information:

Passport No.

Issue and expiry date

Photo, full name, date and place of birth

Admission letter

• The proof of financial ability either for the program’s duration or one year if the duration is more than one year

• Photo

• Marriage certificate if required

• Any documents required  by visa offices responsible to assess the application

Swallow Immigration Consultancy Inc with many years of experience with the international students as an immigration advisor to University of New Brunswick (UNB) and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) assists the applicants to :

.  Apply and obtain the admission

.  Prepare and complete the study permit application

.  Assist and advise for permanent residency