Second Citizenship, Second Passport

In the Past, when there was not any concept of Citizenship as of today, people were moving from one place to another for a better life. New houses and businesses caused them to be merged into the new society.

After the definition of new boundaries among the countries and the creation of the governments and nation in new terminology, The Citizenship of other countries became more meaningful. Sometimes the displacement between borders and obtaining a new Citizenship was impossible or with high difficulties.

 The United States, Canada, and Australia have been the leading countries to develop programs attracting immigrants from other countries and grant them citizenship. The citizenship privilege of these countries brought more important for new or dual citizenship. Currently, these countries attract investors with an investment of $ 800,000 in government-approved projects that grant them a permanent residency permit, which is also granted to citizenship with the timetable.

Meanwhile, other countries with similar administrative, economic, jurisdictional and Citizenship systems are offering lifelong citizenship through specific investment programs. The special privileges of these countries attract many applicants. Among these countries, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua, and Barbuda indicate that their citizenship has many fans around the world.