Frequently Asked Questions

1- How we can apply Immigrating to Canada?
2- Which Agents/Companies are approved and authorized to get help and consultancy through?
3- I would like to apply to immigrate to Canada through New Brunswick Provincial Business Program, How can I choose my Consultant?
4- If I am not qualified to immigrate to Canada, how can I apply other countries permanent Residency or Citizenship for my family?
5- I have seen the Advertisement for Dominican Citizenship, does your company have any experience in that field?
6- I would like to study in Canada, is there any possibility to work besides studying simultaneously?

7- How can I stay in Canada after Graduation?

8- Is there any opportunities to take Scholarship and Fund from the Canadian Universities for Students?

9- I would like to immigrate to Canada but I am not sure whether my children are included in my application or not?

10- What is your company working hours and days to contact?

11- What does CLB stand for in language Skill Assessment?



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