Dominica is a beautiful country located on the east of the Caribbean Sea and border of Guadeloupe from  the north. The official name is “Commonwealth of Dominica” that is different from its sister in the North Caribbean, the Dominican Republic.

Dominica is covered with massive forests, natural parks, waterfalls and many lakes which have a wide verity of plants and animals. It has an intact nature with hot and cold sulphur springs.There is the second largest lake in the world with thermal activity.

There are 365 rivers in the country.Walking,  scuba diving and whale watching can be considered the main reasons for its popularity.

  • Area : 750 Square Kilometres
  • Population : 72,000
  • Capital : Rosso
  • Official Language : English

Obtaining Dominican Citizenship

Citizenship is dedicated through the investment programs that is globally well known and accredited. In these programs, investors are invited to invest and join in economical plans and they are dedicated citizenship to all family members in return.

Citizenship by investment programs have been started since 1993 and it is a part of the constitution and citizenship law now.

The Citizenship is long life advantage and doesn’t need to be sustained with residency in the country. Dominic’s passport can be achieved less than 5 months and is valid to travel to over 90 countries without visa such as England, Singapore, Hong Kong and all Schengen Countries.

How to achieve Citizenship

There are two ways to achieve Dominic’s citizenship :

  • Donate the investment to the government

The amount of investment is 100,000 US $ for any individual and increased accordingly.

  •   Investment in  projects approved by the government

The minimum investment is 200,000 US $.

Remarkably, The Dominican government has banned to accept Iranian files since  April, 2017 whose income is in Iran.

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