Why Caribbean Countries ?

Considering the advantage of obtaining Caribbean citizenship, the groups who take the most benefit from this citizenship are:

1- Merchants and business owners who constantly travel to different countries and need to travel quickly and easily to any country. These individuals can access credit cards, international money transfers, have a valid currency account with a fixed rate against the US dollar, as well as low international trade costs.

2- Those who are not eligible to immigrate to Canada , the United States or Australia or if so , they are not able to leave their country for a long time because of their high income and business affairs, so it is impossible to sustain their permanent residency and finally to obtain their citizenship. This group will usually lose their chance to extend their permanent residence cards in Canada, the United States and Australia, which is necessary to obtain their citizenship.

3- Those who are thinking of their children education in other countries and are usually faced the severity of applying student visa from other countries. This group can use the East Caribbean Education System which is free up to the end of high school with British educational system. And for higher levels they can easily take the advantage of applying student visa from Canadian, American and Australian universities. Obviously, once graduated they have a great chance to apply for permanent residency through the immigration programs in Canada or the United States.